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We are the Garden Planners. Landscape garden designers and architects based in Echuca Moama. With over 20 years garden design experience we can create designs to enhance any outdoor area and offer plant layouts specific to our climate and soil conditions. We specialise in home landscape garden design to create an outdoor living space and extending your living area.

Need help with designing your garden?

We offer 3 options to help you find your ideal solution.


at our next available appointment

Design ideas and a proposal from your site photos and measurements

*Please bring photos/measurements or a site plan to your appointment



No appointments needed!
Bring in your photos and measurements to the nursery and we can assist you at no charge
*Please understand we may not be able to assist during busy periods



at our next available appointment

We travel to your site and discuss design options and ideas

*Additional travel fee applies if site is outside Echuca Moama area

Why Hire A Garden Designer?


Your outdoor living area is an integral part of your home design and can dramatically increase your living space. Creating beautiful, functional, outdoor spaces is what the Garden Planners do. We also make it affordable by offering wholesale plants from Echuca Moama Plant Farm.

Plant Selection

Selecting a variety of suitable plants for your garden requires specialist knowledge. Good garden design uses a combination of colour, texture and height to border, cover and enclose living spaces. If you consider the cost of planting your garden you need to get right the first time. It can be an expensive process so why not ensure you get proper advise from the experts.


Compliance is an important consideration for any building work. We see many examples where owners and developers choose the wrong plants or construction techniques for local conditions. As a result, plants die, assets get damaged and the environment suffers. The system of approvals by local councils plays an important role in ensuring that all works are completed to standard. We design within these standards and will ensure that building permits are attained.

Let us design your outdoor living space. We can help with your landscape plans for compliance, landscape intent and landscape plans of building approvals. Our qualified landscape architects have the skills and knowledge to satisfy your local council.

Our affordable landscape packages meet all council requirements and take the stress out of the process.

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